Avarcas Asia exclusively works with Pons Brand.
 A family owned business since 1945. 

The current directors of Avarca Pons are Pons Family third generation of shoemakers; It all started in 1945, when Bep Allés, along with his brother-in-law José Camps Sastre, founded the company.  
Thanks to this shoemaking tradition and the savoir-faire that has been passed down from generation to generation, the company combines craftsmanship techniques with the latest technology so as to guarantee maximum quality in their avarcas, following fashion trends with regards to style and colour.    
Avarcas Pons maintains the original essence of Menorca avarcas: A shoe with over a century of tradition, comfortable and resistant, first worn by countrymen and peasants, re-invented to become a wardrobe essential.  
They are made from authentic natural skin leather. The collection of Avarca Pons ranges from the most rustic models to the most fashionable ones. 
Wearing avarcas Pons gives you the true feel of Menorca traditional shoes under your feet.Click on this link to watch how the Pons are handcrafted.

Always look for the "Avarca de Menorca" Logo 

Being such a popular and trendy fashion item, it is no surprise that counterfeits of the avarcas have reached the markets. The Balearic Islands government (Consell Insular) and Menorca's Shoemaker Association (Asociación de Fabricantes de Calzado de Menorca) are well aware of this issue. With the ultimate goal of ensuring that the customer buys Avarcas handcrafted in Menorca meeting pre-defined quality standards, they have created the "Avarca de Menorca" logo. Look always for the "Avarca de Menorca" logo when you buy Avarcas. If you do not see the logo, those are not the real ones.